Butti Tamang

Butti Tamang is 12 years old cute little girl from a small village, Kanglan of Listikot. She stays with her grand mother  fter the passing of her father who she was very close to. After her father passed away, her mother had second  arriage and left her all alone. She was not only a kid to her parents, she also has a younger 5 year old sister. Fortunately she had a loving grandmother who adopted them both. But since their grandmother is old and helpless too, Butti has to do all the household works like cleaning home, feeding cattle, fetching water and also looking after her younger sister. Even getting up early in morning, doing all the household works, walking about one Kilometer on hill to reach her school, doesn’t give her any thoughts of abandoning her education. Her school, Shree Seti Devi, was also devastated by the events of April’s Earthquake. Every morning, students literally build their schools so that they can study. From cleaning up the place to arranging desks and white boards, everything is done by the school kids and Butti also one of them. Yet all these problems has not stopped Butti from scoring 90% results in

her batch. It’s remarkable that in such a young age, she has a dream to

become a social worker and help all the kids with these unfortunate


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