What is Sadbhaw Scholarship?

Sadbhaw Scholarship is a programme in which students who are prohibited from their studies due to poverty obtain scholarship in order to continue their studies.An unprofitable organization,Himalayan Climate Initiative runs this programme which aims to provide scholarship in the seventy-five districts in Nepal.

Almost 87 students out of 100 enrolled in grade 1 of Nepal’s schools leave school before completing grade 10. This is mostly because of poverty among rural families. Although, government has waived the tuition fees across all the government schools and provides texts book for free many parents don’t afford to send their children to schools because short supply of resource to buy school supplies. “Sadbhaw” asks the individuals single annual scholarship for one student. In short, each donor will be financing one student’s entire school expenses.
So how much is one donation?
Nepal’s public schools provide free education. However, a lot of students drop out because they cannot afford school supplies, and the earthquake affected areas are having it worse. Each donation finances a student’s books, notebooks, pencils, pens, school bag, school uniform, and other supplies that will be enough for a school year. All this can be bought for 8,000 Nepali Rupees (approximately $80).
Will all of my donation be used towards the student I finance?
Sadbhaw uses minimum, 20% or less as transportation expenses as it needs to reach to remotest parts sometimes with no access of transportation but on backs of people. Many times we meet generous contributors who want to sponsor the office and transport cost. That helps us to send all the contributions to students.
Will I be able to connect with the student/s I finance?
Yes. If you have specific message, you can send. We will love to deliver the message and tell them who’s support them. Moreover, you will receive a video with the student’s message and a THANK YOU picture from your beneficiaries.
The scholarship will be handed over on your behalf. The donors are welcome to hand over the scholarships themselves if they can make the travel arrangement with distribution team but on own expense. The donors can send their own scholarship certificates with their names or company logos if they wish to. “Sadbhaw” will only be a medium to channel the amount from the donors to the students that need it the most, and to help them keep in touch with the recipients.
Sadbhaw has provided 1,150 scholarships in 15 districts of Nepal. The Government of Nepal – Central Child Welfare Board has endorsed the program.
Theational Volunteering Program, a Nepal Government endorsed volunteering program is a major implementation partner of Sadbhaw across the country.

Sadhbaw Team