Our Goal

87 students out of every 100 enrolled in grade 1 in Nepal’s schools drop out before they reach10 th grade because of poverty. Sadbhaw aims to provide scholarships to one hundred thousand needy students by 2025.

Our Impact

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Institutional Partners

Sadbhaw Ambassadors


Ashika Prasai Location: Sydney, Australia

Ashika Prasai is a young student in Sydney, Australia. She has been in Sydney for 8 years pursuing the studies of nursing. Ashika grew up in the Jhapa, Nepal seeing her mother involved in the help making... read more


Rajkumar Lamichhane Location: Japan

Rajkumar Lamichhane is a singer and lyricist by profession. A Kathmandu resident currently living in the Tokyo, Japan, Rajkumar is a very active social philanthropist to help back underprivileged people in Nepal. He’s works as an executive in... read more


Yangkee Ghale Location: Boston, USA

Yangkee Ghale is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a nursing student currently residing in the Boston, United States. Yangkee strongly believes in being compassionate and helping mankind selflessly in any way possible. So, she wanted to... read more


Sarala Thapa Location: United Kingdom

Sarala Thapa is the UK lead for Sadbhaw Schoalrships. Sarala believes making a difference starts with an individual's willingness to help.  As a UK chapter she hopes to raise awareness and extend this cause to... read more

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Sadbhaw Scholarships is an initiation of Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). HCI is a Youth driven Nepali Non-Profit Organization committed to Social Inclusion and Climate Resilience. HCI advocates Nepal to adopt a Zero-Carbon Growth trajectory. HCI delivers triple-bottom-line-impact by incubating, supporting and sustaining social-entrepreneurial initiatives and smart charities. Co-founded in 2011 by a group of eminent entrepreneurs of Nepal, HCI has already rolled out 12 socially minded start-ups.